apprendre l'anglais

Certified teachers in mother language

Teachers specializing in foreign languages ​​

The teachers

All of our teachers are native speakers, certified to teach languages ​​and all have a strong teaching experience with learners of different ages from all over the world. They invite and encourage everyone to participate in class and to exchange opinions and stories with dynamism and entertainment to enrich the experience of learning a new language.

teaching method

Two words describe our teaching method: adaptable and creative .


They create their own courses and educational content to personalize the learning of the language studied. They apply to their classes being educational, entertaining and relevant. They are attentive and attentive and rely on the varied topics of local and international news to animate the exchanges.


Group lessons are organized from 3 learners with a maximum of 4 per class to create the environment most conducive to language learning and the practice of 4 basic language skills : Oral comprehension, written comprehension, written expression and oral expression.


Each professor focuses on the practice of speaking and listening:

  • Through the practice of vocabulary and grammatical turns through multiple oral activities,
  • By learning the culture of the language taught through play activities,
  • Through the use of the communicative approach through contextual immersion situations emphasizing the grammatical and lexical competences (oral communication) of the taught language,
  • Through the actional approach that emphasizes the role of the learner at the heart of the action, helping him to play a role while learning.

One of our objectives, whatever your level, is to make you comfortable speaking the language and listening to the pronunciation.
Your teacher will give you a constant feedback on the progress of your level and Will evaluate your progress throughout the training.
Once you have reached all the objectives of your level according to the CEFR or CEFR our team will advise you so that you can be directed to the next level.


Methods and manuals selected by our teaching team. Authentic documents, audio and video podcasts, Internet, movies and songs, press articles, newspapers, magazines and literature. All this with the help of iPads in class for learners and teachers. The textbooks cover the 6 reference levels of the CEFR (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) with each of them mastering and practicing the language (spoken and written), grammar and expression and The cultural aspects of the culture of the language taught.


All learners (except beginners) enrolled in a program are invited to take an online test at registration (French as a Foreign Language, English and Spanish are available). This test will allow us to orient you in the class most suited to your level.


An end-of-training certificate indicating the type of course, level and duration of the training followed will be delivered to you at the end of your training program.