apprendre l'anglais

MILI offers courses to learn or improve your English skills, you can choose the English course that suits you best, both budget and availability.
The English courses offered at MILI follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECRL) developed in 2001 by the European Commission for Language Learning.

SPECIFICITY 12 - 17 ans

MILI offers group, private and semi-private courses throughout the year as well as during the school holidays. These English courses offered by MILI are specifically designed for adolescents approaching or going to high school in order to master the basic rules and the particularities of English while strengthening the oral and written language skills. These English courses are offered throughout the year from Monday to Saturday morning for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 (a junior course program exists for 12-14 year olds). In some cases, it is possible to integrate a group according to level and availability.


Teens attend a general English course to reinforce and improve their grammar and vocabulary. English courses allow learners to master the subtleties and subtleties of the English language while strengthening confidence in oral and written. These courses are offered throughout the year from Monday to Saturday morning for teenagers between 15 and 17 years old. The main objectives of the course are :
  • Develop an ability in the 4 language skills of language (oral and written comprehension and expression) with activities based on real situations of life and the use of authentic documents,
  • Enable fluency and approach perfection by speaking English and mastering the rules of grammar, exceptions and phonetics,
  • Progress by using English daily in a fluid way (English and English-American),
  • Develop strategies to enable students to learn on their own at their own pace and allow them to use English outside of class time (pronunciation / vocabulary choice / handling grammar).


Enjoy the holidays and sign up for a refresher and refresher course in English. Intensive English courses at MILI allow your teenagers to feel more at ease in oral and written language. They learn tricks to memorize the rules and exceptions of the English language in a simple and relaxed way to motivate them and really make them progress.
The aim of these courses is to offer a rich and positive experience of language teaching because motivation is the key to all teaching, especially with teenagers !
These courses are based on intensive courses of 10 hours per week at a rate of 2 hours per day with in-depth work on grammar, vocabulary, classical turns, not forgetting the basic work of the 4 fundamental linguistic skills of understanding And oral and written expression, all with the help of a tablet (one per student) as an additional tool in the classroom. These refresher courses will undoubtedly make it possible to acquire a certain level of comfort, thanks to daily activities of communication, role plays, theater, presentations and so on.