Cours d'anglais enfants - MILI Montpellier

"The child has incredible cerebral plasticity," said a cognitive psychologist, that is, a great memory. In order to master a foreign language, the child must be comfortable in his / her own language, ie around 4-5 years old. The child then becomes able to transpose a French word into English and vice versa. This is why at MILI Montpellier, English language programs begin in English from 4 years old and up to 11-12 years old. Junior programs are for 12-14 year olds and Ado for 15-17 year olds.


Question : What is the best method of learning a language for children? Answer by MILI: the best method is the one that pleases your child and that corresponds to his age. Come to try a class for FREE , it's the best way to know if it pleases! We take care of placing your child in a group of age and level. MILI Montpellier offers three levels: beginners, cruisers and masters. The number of participants per class is 8 children maximum per class, you choose its program :

PROGRAM 4-5 years / 6-8 years / 9-11 years

  1. BEGINNERS : Little or no knowledge in English.
  2. CRUISERS : Intermediate knowledge of the language or one year of courses already completed at MILI.
  3. MASTERS : English-speaking immersion program at an advanced level. This program is fantastic. It has been set up for English-speaking children who want to spend a few extra hours per week learning science (math, biology, computer science), English language, geography, history and English. It is a very good complement to the teaching of the school, run by one of our English mother tongue teachers and is organized in a playful and fun way. This is the most important isn't it?