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You need to learn and / or perfect yourself in one of the languages ​​taught by MILI, so we will accompany you and help you set up the financing project according to your category professional :

  • Entrepreneurs / Self-employed / Self-employed
  • Employees

After exchanging your needs and expectations, MILI will draw up a quote as well as the program defined according to your objectives and obligations of the OPCA.
Upon acceptance of your language training by the OPCA, you will be able to start your lessons.


  • Referred to the DATADOCK (database of OPCA of all training organizations)
  • Examination center BRIGHT LANGUAGE TEST - Evaluation accepted by all the OPCAs in the framework of the assumption of the certifying trainings

Entrepreneurs / Self-employed / Self-employed

If you are a Tradesman / Craftsman / Liberal Professions, you will benefit from a training budget in language allocated by the training insurance fund for self-employed workers such as:

  • IFF-PL
  • ...

More information : www.service-public.fr/professionnels-entreprises/vosdroits


Several financing options are available to you
  • Taking care of your employer,
  • The assumption by your OPCA, through the CPF (Personal Training Account),
  • Personal support.

What is CPF?

  • A credit of 24 hours of training per year allocated by your company as part of your salaried work. This fee is cumulative over 5 years, ie a total of 120 hours.
  • A right not subject to the agreement of the employer on the choice of the training.

For whom the CPF ?

  • Full-time employees on permanent contracts with at least one year's seniority in the company.
  • Employees employed on a part-time basis in proportion to their working hours.
  • Employees on fixed-term contracts after 4 months in fixed-term contracts during the last 12 months, with funding from OPACIF on the 1% CIF-CDD.
  • Jobseekers who have accumulated hours of CPF or DIF (Public Sector) in their previous job.

What are the conditions?

  • The CPF takes place outside working hours and gives rise to a training allowance equal to 50% of the net salary.
  • If a branch agreement or a company agreement has been signed, the CPF can then take place during working hours and the employee receives his usual remuneration.

More information : The CPF information website and the site: my account formations

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