MILI (MONTPELLIER INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE INSTITUTE) was created in October 2010 by a Franco-American-American couple, Véronique and Richard GARRO. Great travelers between the continents European and American, they always spoke the 3 languages ​​with their children. MILI is born from a desire to promote and encourage the learning and the practice of one or several languages ​​and this, from the youngest age.
Proud of the success of their school and the development of the latter, the couple nevertheless feels the need, in 2016, to return to new adventures in the United States, but without closing school.
They then decide to pass it on to a person of trust. And it is thanks to professional ties become friendships, that the couple turns naturally to Beatrice TSANG. She has been with them for several years and is an expert in business management and agrees to continue what they have created: a place where they learn from individuals (children, adults, students) and professionals (employees, entrepreneurs, independent)
Today, Béatrice TSANG perpetuates the will of Véronique and Richard GARRO because she is convinced that speaking one or several languages ​​is an undeniable asset to open up to the world traveling, developing cognitive abilities, enriching culture and human relationships, etc. and to find a job or to work abroad .


Our mission is to provide our learners with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive world. Every day, we discover new tools to facilitate communication between us, but nothing replaces the word.
multilingual skills may not necessarily open all the doors of your future but a lack of them can most certainly limit your opportunities and / or your experiences.


From child to adult
From private to professional!