As far as the one-on-one training I have done in MILI with Simona, I have been fully satisfied both in terms of objectives and in the way the sessions are conducted and followed up.
Most of the training:
Definition of objectives and lessons in consultation from the first hour
Very elaborate courses, varied with alternating theoretical lessons, practical exercises, playful videos, readings and conversations in accordance with my requests and needs
The consistency of the training with a systematic follow-up and resumption of one course on the other of the chapters that made me more difficult
The possibility of consulting at home the courses with exercises and corrections on the blog
Very nice breaks around a coffee
And the personality of Simona, with whom I exchanged freely and with whom I had good moments against a backdrop of Italian culture! Thanks again !
MP - Les jardins secrets - Nyons, France
In vocational training in English + TOEIC, within the framework of the DIF and CPF hours. Special course.
By starting my classes, I had not practiced English for a decade, and I had a great deal of apprehension to express myself and many gaps in listening comprehension.
My teacher has managed to put me at ease, to make me speak of nothing on various and varied subjects, which greatly contributed to develop my vocabulary, to correct my mistakes and to make me progress. /> The numerous listening exercises (speeches, songs, riddles, description of photos ...) with or without visual support and with speakers with different accents and universes have accustomed my ear and helped me to improve my understanding of the English.
I still have work to understand and speak English but the courses taken at MILI have made me take a big step forward.
KD - SURGIMAB, Grabels
I had an absolutely amazing time at MILI. I found everybody incredibly welcoming and friendly. The atmosphere in the classroom was fantastic, it was relaxed enough so that I didn't worry about making mistakes/ asking silly questions but at the same time everyone had a very good work ethic, meaning I learnt ALOT!! I also enjoyed the fact that the lessons were so varied and included the use of the ipads, which in my opinion greatly added to the overall quality of the lesson as we could watch videos, go on Sophie's blog etc. I also thought Sophie was a wonderful teacher, she was very friendly and approachable and had a way of teaching which meant the 4 hours just flew by! I feel I improved tremendously during my 2 weeks at MILI and enjoyed myself so much that I hope to return next summer to continue working on my french. Learning french at MILI was definitely the BEST part of my gap year.
Isabelle Galwas - Cambridge, England
Our MILI experience is academically, culturally and personally fulfilling.Their skilled teachers have masterfully solidified our children's desire to become lifelong learners and for that, we are grateful.The team is fun, dynamic, organized yet flexible. Their methods are creative and leverage cutting edge technology.All that, nestled in a charming and richly historical venue. MILI walks the talk and is passionate about it-we're proud to be part of the MILI family.
Isabelle Royer - Tennessee, USA
C'est un très bon institut, très humain. De l'accueil aux cours nous sommes très bien accompagnés par des personnes souriantes et compétentes. Pour me préparer à un concours j'ai opté pour des cours particuliers intensifs et j'ai senti des résultats en une dizaine de jours seulement. Je le recommande vraiment
Bastien Mothais - Montpellier, France
J’ai contacté l’institut MILI pour améliorer mon anglais, ayant déjà fréquenté plusieurs établissements du même genre sur Montpellier, c’est à MILI que je me réinscris l’an prochain !Disponible et sympathique, toute l’équipe est toujours présente pour suivre et satisfaire au mieux les étudiants.Les cours sont structurés sans être trop scolaires, toujours pertinents et ciblés sur les difficultés individuelles des étudiants, grâce au nombre réduit d’étudiants par classe.Les professeurs sont dynamiques et très à l’écoute, les cours se déroulent toujours dans une ambiance aussi agréable que studieuse ( et aussi écologique! )
Clémence Bellina - Montpellier, France
Mili stands out for me from the several language institutions I have attended as a forerunner in applying technology to develop real-world applicable lessons. I walked away from my time feeling as though I had learned not just to speak the language, but use it in a natural manner - from writing emails to browsing the internet and meeting up with friends.
Zane Claes - California, USA
It was a pleasure to spend a week working in english at MILI. After our sessions, I feel much more confident with the presentation. I hope I will come back another time to focus on improving my grammar.
Christine Dupuy - Aimargues, France

I came back to MILI in July and I loved it again. I spent the same amount of time but my intensive program was scheduled on a shorter period of time but the teaching was as excellent. I highly recommend this place for their unique service and top of the line teaching methods they offer. I hope I will come back once again
Christine Dupuy - Aimargues, France
Nous pensons encore souvent au sejour dans votre institut et à Montpellier. Je crois que nous avons trouvé un institut tout à fait pour nos interêts.Tout était très bon chez vous. Nous avions eu un professeur - Sophie -qui était très gentille. Mais pas seulement ca. Mes petites enfants étaient très contentes des textes,de la grammaire et de la préparation.
Jil, Anouk et Annegret Hagen - Allemagne et Luxembourg
"FUN with benefits" is the best way to describe our experience with MILI's children activities/camps. MILI has the knack for keeping kids interested while continuing to teach them useful skills and knowledge that fascinates them. MILI kids don't just go on field trips; they prepare it with their teacher in a hands-on way to make it an experience they will remember and want to repeat in the future. The activities accelerate the sense of community and sharing amongst the students themselves ("10 and under Math / Word Bingo") as well as in their local community ("Bake Sale Fundraiser"). Cooking, art, dress up, themed days-it's difficult to pick a favorite. The mix of simple, everyday items with hi tech tools like IPads strikes the right balance of cool, affordability and replicability at home for kids to learn new things on the spot, retain and want to do use them again at home when schools out. MILI knows what kids like and how to make learning fun!
Serge Dubé, Toronto, Canada
I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much my kids have been saying they are enjoying MILI. Smile They said the LOVE it. And that is in their own words. lol.
Krista Cole, Montpellier, France
When I arrived in MILI, Richard and Veronique welcomed me in a nice way and I noticed the school was well arranged. Then, I have been studying english for 3 months and I have clearly improved it. Both english and american teachers I had were very good. Thanks to them, I studied the whole fields of the language : oral practise, grammar, reading and prononciation, understanding, vocabulary and a nice atmosphere.
Fabrice Lindecker, Montpellier, France
Veronique has been teaching my son French for over 2 years. She is very gifted teacher and wonderful person whose enthusiasm and passion made learning French fun and easy for my son. She possesses a dynamic personality, great sense of humor, and unique and creative teaching style. We were so lucky to have her, but not as lucky as our son!
Galina Pulin-Varivoda – California, USA
I was initially apprehensive about starting french lessons but the incredible hospitality shown to me by Veronique and Richard soon put me at ease. My tutor, Sophie, is attentive and patient so I`m able to learn at a pace that suits me. I honestly would not hesitate in recommending MILI to anyone wanting to learn a new language.
Elliott Emslie - London, U.K.